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How did you hear about our website?

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Dear engineers, technologists and production workers! Our site creates a collection of a variety of industrial food recipes subjects. As in any good collection of all the exhibits (we have this formulation), must be unique, or at least interesting. Therefore, I (admin, author of the site, I am also worker of the food company) try to look for interesting recipes and share them with you. If you have interesting recipes also, please send to me - I will post it here.



Last Updated on Friday, 13 October 2017 10:33
Keks cake Mayskiy May
Confectionery recipe - Cake

Keks cake Mayskiy (May) industrial recipe

The industrial cake recipe "Maisky" or May based on the output of 10 kg of finished products:

- wheat flour of the highest quality (total solids 85,50 %) - 4,970 kg

- Wheat flour of the highest grade (for napili) (t.s. 85,50%) - 0,100 kg

- sugar crystals (t.s. 99,85%) - 1,445 kg

- margarine (t.s. 84,00%) - 1,000 kg

Last Updated on Friday, 14 July 2017 11:13
Biscuit Zoologicheskoe Zoological
Confectionery recipe - Biscuit

Biscuit Zoologicheskoe (Zoological) industrial recipe

(old Soviet Union industrial recipe according to GOST requirements)

Semi-sweet or hard biscuits Zoological of the highest grade flour 1 (see comments below). Often has the form of a variety of animals.

Humidity of the finished biscuits cookies is 6,0 % ± 1,0

So, industrial recipe of Zoologicheskoe-Zoological biscuit per 1t of finished product:

wheat flour (85,5 % Total solids) - 100,0 kg

Corn starch - (t.s. 87 %) - 7,49 kg

Crystal sugar (99,85 %) - 19,5 kg

Inverted syrup (70 %) - 4,5 kg

Margarine (84 %) - 10,5 kg

Melange (27 %) - 5,0 kg

Last Updated on Friday, 14 July 2017 09:51
Bread Armenian
Bakery recipe - Bread

Armenian bread industrial recipe

Armenian bread is made from pastry dough, shape it and give a round with a pattern on the surface to lubricate the egg. Humidity of finished bread 15,2 ± 2%.

So, industrial recipe of Armenian bread for 1000 kg of the finished product, in kg:

Wheat flour (85,5% Total Solids) - 508,1

Wheat flour (85,5% TS) in the brew - 101,6

Powdered sugar (99,85% TS) - 142,2

Butter, cream (84% TS) - 260,1

Last Updated on Friday, 14 July 2017 10:38


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