Cupcake Metropolitan-Stolichniy GOST
Confectionery recipe - Cake

Cupcake "Metropolitan" (Stolichniy, GOST recipe)

Cupcake "Stolichny" (Metropolitan) was widely sold during the Soviet era and was very popular. If you remember and love a cake that was sold in the USSR under the name "Stolichniy", try to cook it with this recipe. And if you have never tried, then make and find out what it tasted like. He really is good - a tender crumb, a lot of raisins and a powdered crunchy shell.

So, the industrial recipe for the cupcake "Stolichniy-Metropolitan" from the calculation of output in 10kg of finished product:

- wheat flour of the highest quality (total solids 85,50 %) - 2888,0 g

- sugar crystals (t.s. 99,85 %) - 2165,0 g

- butter (t.s. 84,00 %, could be replaced with vegetable fat) - 2165,0 g

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Biscuit Maria
Confectionery recipe - Biscuit

Biscuit "Maria" industrial recipe

(old Soviet Union industrial recipe according to GOST requiremets)

Biscuit "Maria" is semi-sweet biscuit made from high quality wheat flour из муки высшего сорта with the addition of fresh whole milk (as usual whole milk is replaced by dry milk powder). Cookies "Maria" has a as usual circular shape. Humidity of Maria biscuit should be 6,0 ± 1,0% (depends from equipment, shelf life requirements and taste preferences real humidity varies within 2-8%).

So, recipe of Maria biscuit (kg):

  • wheat flour - 100,0 kg
  • Corn starch - 7,49 (for better lamination and shape improvement at work on a flour with too strong gluten)
  • Sugar - 23,0
  • Margarine 84% TS (total solids) - 12,0 (often replaced by vegetable fat such as "shortening" with 99.7% TS)
  • Invert syrup 70% - 0,76 (added to improve the color of the biscuit)
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Biscuit Suvorovskoe Suvorov's
Confectionery recipe - Biscuit

Biscuit Suvorovskoe Suvorov's industrial recipe

(old Soviet Union industrial recipe according to GOST requirements)

Semi-finished products from which the Biscuit "Suvorovskoe":

- Cookies - 5556 g

- Stuffing, filling - 1667,0 g

- Chocolate icing - 2777,0 g

Suvorovskoe Cookie recipe is based on the yield to 10 kg of finished product:

- Wheat flour (85.50% TS) - 2671,0 g

- Refinery powder (99.85%) - 1602,0 g

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Loaf French
Bakery recipe - Bread

Loaf-bun French industrial recipe

The industrial recipe of French loaf (bun) per 100 kg of flour:

- Wheat flour high grade - 100 kg (gluten not less than 27%)

- Flour for spreading - 12,0 kg

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