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Cupcake Nut
Confectionery recipe - Cake

Cupcake "Nut"

One of the most delicious GOST cupcakes. Unfortunately, it was rare, because it consisted of cashew nuts. It means no substitutions, only cashews. Cost of this cupcake is high, but taste is delicious.

So, the industrial recipe for the cupcake "Nut" for 10 kg of finished products:

- wheat flour of the highest quality (total solids 85,50 %) - 3754,0 g

- sugar-crystals (t.s. 99,85 %) - 2430,0 g

- margarine (t.s. 84,00 %) - 2173,0 g

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 June 2017 12:48
Cupcale Tea
Confectionery recipe - Cake

Tea cupcake (Keks Chayniy, GOST recipe)

Industrial recipe for "Tea cupcake" based on the output of 10 kg of finished products:

- wheat flour 1st grade (total solids 85,50 %) - 3607,0 g

- sugar-crystals (t.s. 99,85 %) - 2706,0 g

- margarine (t.s. 84,00 %) - 1804,0 g

Last Updated on Monday, 12 June 2017 11:02
Cracker TUC
Confectionery recipe - Cracker

The industrial recipe for the cracker "TUC"

Cracker TUC is the representative of a group of so-called savory crackers. A distinctive feature of these crackers - a pronounced taste, well-raised and loose structure (unlike most crackers of the Soviet UNION time). Most often, the cracker is produced in a rectangular shape, in a small package (due to the relative high cost of this recipe and the high fragility of the product itself, it is not rational to release it in weight).

The industrial recipe (formulation) of the cracker TUC (in kg):

Wheat flour h/g - 100,0 kg

Invert syrup 70% - 1,04

Malt extract 80% - 2,08

Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 May 2017 11:33
Biscuit Maria
Confectionery recipe - Biscuit

Biscuit "Maria" industrial recipe

(old Soviet Union industrial recipe according to GOST requiremets)

Biscuit "Maria" is semi-sweet biscuit made from high quality wheat flour из муки высшего сорта with the addition of fresh whole milk (as usual whole milk is replaced by dry milk powder). Cookies "Maria" has a as usual circular shape. Humidity of Maria biscuit should be 6,0 ± 1,0% (depends from equipment, shelf life requirements and taste preferences real humidity varies within 2-8%).

So, recipe of Maria biscuit (kg):

  • wheat flour - 100,0 kg
  • Corn starch - 7,49 (for better lamination and shape improvement at work on a flour with too strong gluten)
  • Sugar - 23,0
  • Margarine 84% TS (total solids) - 12,0 (often replaced by vegetable fat such as "shortening" with 99.7% TS)
  • Invert syrup 70% - 0,76 (added to improve the color of the biscuit)
Last Updated on Thursday, 11 May 2017 09:44


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